Meet Our Residents

jbishara.jpg  Joseph Bishara, M.D. - PGY 5

  Hometown:  Lubbock, Texas
  Medical School:  Texas Tech University
  Interests:  Media consumption & mirror neurons, addiction research, songwriting & rock
  music production, recumbent tricycle designing, and of course the fam!


DiemerLindsay001.JPG  Lindsay Diemer, D.O. - PGY 5

  Hometown:  Plainfield, IN
  Medical School:  Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
  Interests:  Psychiatry - School Based Psychiatry.  Other - Reading, going to the movies,
  and all Indiana sports teams especially those Hoosiers!


HosainH002_copy.JPG  Huma Hosain, D.O. - PGY5

  Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
  Medical School: 
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Psychiatry: Consult/Liaison in Children and Adolescents, Psycho-oncology,
  ADHD.  Non-psychiatry: Traveling, painting, and spending time with my family/cat-

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