Why Indianapolis

Indianapolis: An Exciting Place to Live, Learn, and Love

Not from around here? Does everything you know about Indiana come from NBC's Parks and Recreation or ABC's The Middle? If so, you wouldn't necessarily be wrong. Here in the Crossroads of America, we have a lot of pride in our small town roots. People seem a little friendlier here, there are no Jones' with whom to keep up, and we take time to play on the weekends. But make no mistake: Indianapolis is a hidden cosmopolitan gem here in the Heartland!

Arts? Entertainment? Sports? Dining? We've got it all right here; no matter where you are in Indianapolis, you're less than 20 minutes away from whatever your heart most desires!  Home to an exciting downtown and six unique and vibrant cultural districts, Indianapolis boasts a strong community and varied industries.


While the city lays claim to 10 world-class sports venues, that is just a fraction of its cultural institution tally: 14 museums, 21 galleries, and 25 performing arts centers and theaters.

                The Washington Post, May 28, 2008

We're also home to many of the nation's top companies, including six on the Fortune 500 list. Indianapolis continues to be a sought-after location for emerging corporations.  Life sciences? We've got that initiative right here.  Cutting edge information technology?  We're big on that, too.


Businesses don't thrive just anywhere. They need a climate that cultivates success... Indiana has the business environment companies need to grow: a central location; a trained and talented workforce; industry initiatives designed to stimulate growth, innovation and profits; and a quality of life that's second to none.

                Indiana Economic Deveolpment Corporation

We'd say we have everything a person could ever want in a home!  Come and visit.  We know you'll want to stay awhile.

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