Clinical Supervision

Faculty members see every patient seen by the resident.  Supervision is 2 to 5 hours per week. 

Early in the residency, the resident observes the faculty member conduct the diagnostic interview.  The resident will then administer the testing.  The resident will draft a report including history of the present illness, other history, behavioral observations, test results, diagnosis, comment, and recommendations.  In a collaborative process, the faculty member and the resident will finalize the report.  The resident will observe any verbal feedback of the results to patient and referral source. 

As competence progresses, the resident leads the diagnostic interview and then staffs the case with the faculty presenting HPI, current working diagnoses, and plan for evaluation.  The faculty member offers input as needed and the evaluation continues under the direction of the resident.  The resident drafts a report and it is finalized during a supervision session.  The faculty member observes the resident’s verbal feedback to patient and referrer.

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