Medical Students

Freshman Year
Introduction to Clinical Medicine I

The purpose of this introductory course is to bridge the gap between the basic and clinical sciences. The course will provide the clinical exposure necessary to allow the student to assemble a more comprehensive picture of the study and practice of medicine. This course meets in small groups with psychiatry and medicine co-preceptors 10 times per semester on a regular academic calendar (August through May).

Sophomore Year
Introduction to Clinical Medicine II

This course, a continuation of ICM I, is intended to help the student further the process of developing their clinical skills toward the goal of making a successful transition to the "clinical years" of medical school and, ultimately, to clinical practice. The Department of Psychiatry participates in this course in the form of lectures/patient interviews focusing on the title of our course: "Mental Status Examination: Diagnosis of Psychopathology." We give 13 one-hour lectures, half of which are followed by a patient interview depicting the diagnosis discussed in lecture (i.e. schizophrenia).

Junior Year
Junior Psychiatry Clerkship

All students are to be provided a generalist level of knowledge, skills and attitudes in medicine. The generalist level is defined in terms of the basic "every doctor" graduating from this school. This generalist approach is adopted in the Educational Blueprint for the Indiana Initiative. That document is the Indiana University School of Medicine statement of what the graduating student should learn during four years of medical school. This is the standard encouraged for courses.

The clerkship currently has two different opportunities for students: two-thirds of the students on rotation work in an outpatient setting. The second opportunity is a rotation on an inpatient unit with three half-days spent in an outpatient setting. The goal is to provide the student with as much exposure to psychiatry seen on an outpatient basis as possible.

Senior Year
Senior Electives

The Department of Psychiatry offers electives both on the main campus and in various parts of the state. The majority of the electives have been designed for students planning to enter Family Practice or another non-psychiatric specialty. Students who definitely plan to enter Psychiatry or are uncertain about preferences for future practice are encouraged to take at least one elective in psychiatry along with a wide variety of electives in other clinical areas. In addition, the Department offers several research electives in both clinical areas and the basic neurosciences. Research electives are quite suitable for all students but are particularly encouraged for students planning to take psychiatric residency training or for those continuing their careers in academic work.  Psychiatry Electives are described on the IUSM Medical Student Affairs website.

Contact Information

Vicki Anderson
Medical Student Education Coordinator
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Department of Psychiatry
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Nancy Butler, M.D.
Director, Medical Student Education
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Indiana University School of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
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Indianapolis, IN 46202

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