Graduate Programs

In addition to residency and clinical psychology training programs within the Department of Psychiatry, there are opportunities for graduate degrees through collaboration with other departments within Indiana University.

Both pre and post-doctoral fellowships are available through a National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) institutional research training grant. This Indiana University School of Medicine grant provides training opportunities with faculty engaged in research in the field of alcohol abuse and alcoholism across departments, including preceptors from the Departments of Psychiatry, Medicine, Biochemistry, Psychology, Anatomy, Medical Genetics, and Neurology.

Department of Psychiatry researchers also provide collaborative training opportunities through partnership with the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute whose Medical Neuroscience program provides training to prepare graduate students for research and teaching careers in academic, institute, industrial, or hospital settings.


NIAAA Fellowship

Stark Neurosciences Research Institute

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