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129413 – Autism Track (3 positions)
129414 - Child/Pediatric Psychology Track (1 position)
129415 - Adult/Health Psychology Track (1 position)
129416 - Generalist Track (1 position)
129411 – Integrated Care (1 position)


Applications for admission to the Psychology Internship Program are accepted from graduate students enrolled in APA Accredited doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology.  It is expected that successful applicants will have completed at least three years of graduate training which has included formal educational and clinical experiences with assessment and intervention, as well as training and experience with research.  Applicants should have at least some experience and demonstrated interests relevant to the track(s) to which they are applying.      

Applicants must complete the AAPI, provide a transcript or transcripts documenting their graduate education in clinical psychology, and three letters of recommendation.   Their Director of Training must also indicate on the APPI that the applicant is ready to apply for internship.   Deadline for submission of application materials is November 1 of each year.  

Applications are initially reviewed by the Director and Assistant Directors of Training to determine that minimal program requirements are met (e.g. that the applicant is enrolled in an APA accredited program in Clinical Psychology). All applications meeting minimum requirements are distributed among members of the Internship Admissions Committee for review. 

The Internship Admissions Committee, is composed of at least eight training faculty members representing all training sites and core rotations, and is chaired by the Director of Internship Training.  Appointments to the committee are made by the Director of Internship Training and the Director of the Section of Psychology.  

Each application will be reviewed by at least two Internship Admissions Committee members.  A third member will review the application if the initial two committee members have divergent opinions regarding an applicant.  

The Internship Admissions Committee meets in late November to discuss committee members’ evaluations of the applicants, and to narrow the applicant pool to approximately 50-60 applicants who will be offered interviews.  All qualified applicants who self-identify as a member of an under-represented group will be offered an interview as part of our efforts to ensure optimal diversity of our internship classes.  

Applicants invited for interviews will be offered a choice of two dates in January to come to campus to meet with faculty and current interns and tour the training facilities.  Each applicant will participate in individual interviews with at least two faculty members who will complete formal evaluations of each applicant.  

After interviews are completed, the Admissions Committee will meet again as a group to discuss the applicants and develop rank order lists for all tracks for submission to the Match. 

All actions of the Admissions Committee, Training Faculty, and current interns will be consistent with APPIC policies.   These policies are reviewed by all involved in the admissions process prior to the start of each admissions cycle.  

Interns admitted to the program will be appointed to the House Staff of Indiana University School of Medicine for 12 calendar months beginning July 1 and ending June 30.  Upon appointment to the House Staff of Indiana University School of Medicine, psychology interns will complete a contract issued by the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office and be expected to abide by the policies and procedures of the Indiana University School of Medicine House Staff.  Please see the section of this handbook containing the GME House Staff policies.

Interns, consistent with GME requirements, will be required to have a Criminal Background Check and Motor Vehicle Record Check, sign the Contract of Appointment to House Staff, Patent Agreement and the IU School of Medicine Statement of Principles.  Cases in which there are any findings from the Criminal Background Check or Motor Vehicle Record Check will be reviewed by Dr. Howenstine, Director of Graduate Medical Education to determine the appropriate course of action.   

Interns must complete a Health Screening including an annual PPD screening, Flu vaccine, and Immunization Verification.  Interns are also required to complete an I-9 for determining eligibility to work in the United States.   In order to prepare interns for the administrative, academic, and clinical expectations of internship, they are required to complete the Online Orientation Modules sponsored by the IU School of Medicine.

During the period of their appointment to the House Staff, the clinical activities of the interns, which are pursued as an approved part of their training program, will be covered by the liability insurance maintained by the GME Office.  In addition, interns will be paid a stipend of $25,000, provided with health insurance for the intern and family members, life insurance, disability insurance, vision and dental insurance, and on campus parking. Termination of appointment to the House Staff will occur at the end of 12 months or when the intern finishes his or her training program.  Premature termination of the appointment may be accomplished in a fashion outlined by the House Staff contract.



Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation

The Psychology Internship Program at the Indiana University School of Medicine is Accredited by the American Psychological Association.

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