Competency Evaluation

Indiana University School of Medicine Psychology Internship Evaluation Procedure 

1. Halfway through each of the six-month rotations (3 and 9 month points of training year), all core and elective supervisors complete copies of the Competency Feedback Form and review with the intern(s) they are supervising. They submit the forms to the Director of Training after both the supervisor and intern have signed the form.  

2. If the rating on any item(s) falls below a 5 at the 3 or 9 month mid-rotation point, the Director of Training and supervisor meet to determine whether a remediation plan is needed to ensure adequate progress is being made for the intern to successfully complete the rotation and training program.  

3. At the end of each six-month rotation, Core and elective rotation supervisors again complete a copy of the Competency Feedback Form for each intern they have supervised.

4. Each supervisor reviews this form with the intern, and then the supervisor and intern both sign the form prior to the Intern Evaluation and Planning Meeting held at the end of each of the two rotations. 

5. All supervisors for each intern, or at least one representative from rotations with multiple supervisors, provided that representative has obtained input from the other supervisors, attend the Intern Evaluation and Planning Meeting. Supervisors, along with the Director and Assistant Directors of Training complete the Competency Evaluation Form for that rotation. The goal is to provide a comprehensive assessment of each intern’s competency at the end of each rotation taking into account input from all supervisors and program leadership.  

6. Each intern meets with either the director or one of the assistant directors of training to review the Competency Evaluation for the rotation. Both the Director/Assistant Director and Intern sign the Competency Evaluation.

7. If needed, due to unusual circumstances, the Executive Committee can request that a Final Comprehensive Competency Evaluation be completed at the end of the internship year. This occurs when exit criteria are not met (all competency areas must be at a level of six or higher to reflect a readiness for entry-level practice and licensure in all competency areas), but the Executive Committee believes that the level of competency reflected in the second rotation Summary Competency Evaluation does not adequately reflect the intern’s true level of competency.  The Executive Committee calls a meeting of all of the intern’s supervisors from the entire year to arrive at this Final Comprehensive Competency Evaluation.

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