Training Program Resources

Interns are provided with diverse patient populations and clinical service sites including the Indiana University Neuroscience Center, Indiana University Hospital and Clinics, Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, and IU Health Primary Care clinics, all of which are affiliated with the IU School of Medicine.  

All 22 psychologists identified as training supervisors have faculty appointments in the Department of Psychiatry and/or the Department of Neurology at the Indiana University School of Medicine and are licensed to practice psychology, with endorsement as Health Service Providers in Psychology (HSPP), in the state of Indiana. 

The internship’s education coordinator, Rita Roush, provides support and meets regularly with the Director of Training.  She assists the Director with ensuring that accreditation standards are met and that educational activities that support the curriculum are established.  She develops, implements, and oversees the maintenance of filing, record keeping, distribution of materials, and other types of office/program systems.  She ccoordinates intern recruitment, tracks and processes initial required documents for intern appointment, manages the evaluative processes of the interns, program, faculty, and rotations, completes verification requests from former interns, and provides general administrative services to interns. 

Interns receive a stipend which will be at least $25,000 for the 2018-2019 training year. Benefits offered at no cost to interns include: health insurance for the intern and family members, life insurance, disability insurance, malpractice coverage, vision and dental insurance, and on-campus parking. This package of benefits, fully funded by the internship program, is worth up to $10,500. Each intern is appointed to the House Staff of Indiana University School of Medicine and is entitled to 9 paid university holidays and an additional 15 PTO Days (Paid Time Off) as part of the training year.  In addition, interns are provided with 3 professional days as part of the training year to be used for activities such as dissertation defense, post-doctoral or job interviews, or attendance at an approved conference that is not considered part of the training program. 

Interns are provided with IU Health laptops to use throughout their training year.  The laptops will be configured to provide access to the EMR system from all training sites as well as off-site if necessary.   Laptops also include all necessary software and/or online access to programs such as Microsoft Office, statistical packages, citation managers, video and photo editing software, and PDF creators.   At all training sites, interns are provided with appropriate office space, with access to printers, copiers, scanners and telephones.  Interns can also take advantage of Indiana University’s agreements with hardware and software companies to obtain free or discounted products for their home computers.

Clerical support is available at all sites to assist with issues such as record maintenance and patient scheduling.   IT support from both IU and IU Health is available at all sites as well.  IU IT services also provides free training opportunities throughout the year.   

All interns are provided with pagers and email accounts.   They have full access to wired and wireless internet connections at all sites.   All interns have access to all online university resources such as a wide range of full-text journals.  Highly skilled medical librarians can assist with complex literature searches.   


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