Resident Conferences

Morning Report

Three times a week, a resident-facilitated morning report will take place at the VA.  This is an opportunity to foster an environment of self-directed learning while emphasizing various aspects of psychiatric practice in a relaxed, evidenced based fashion.

Grand Rounds

Weekly lectures from September through May are presented by nationally know Professors of Psychiatry and/or other disciplines.  A wide range of clinical and research topics are presented in the lecture format followed by question and answer periods.

Resident Business Meeting

All residents are encouraged to come to this weekly noon meeting that is led by the chief resident.  This is an opportunity for residents, as a group, to discuss their progress through the residency program.  During this time, the group has the opportunity to raise questions or concerns about rotations, call, or any other issue relating to the program.  The residency director and department chair also attend this meeting once a month to update residents on program or departmental changes.  Additionally, this time is used, in part, to discuss social events and plan group activities.

Power Hour

Power Hour is a one-hour lecture each Friday for all General and Triple Board Psychiatry Residents.  Topics vary and are listed below.  Some topis are covered annually and some topics are covered every other year.

Resident As Teachers
Interviewing For Jobs/Fellowships/CV's.
Organizations In Psychiatry/Life-Long Learning
Interactions With The Pharmaceutical Industry
PGY II Neuroscience Presentations


Managed Care
Practice Concerns/Setting Fees
Money Management
Domestic Violence/Violence In The Community
Sleep Disorders
Neurology Topics
History Of Psychiatry
Human Sexuality

Weekly Journal Club

The Journal Clubs have characteristically been a forum to examine articles from periodical literature. Some Journal Club meets during the Power Hour, 1:00 p.m. on Fridays following the Resident's Business Meeting and Grand Rounds. All faculty members are welcome to attend at any time.

Second Friday: Forensic Psychiatry
Other Fridays: other Psychiatry topics

Chief Residents' Leadership Conference

The Residency Training Director meets with all the Chief Residents monthly to discuss administrative and leadership issues. Readings on group dynamics and leadership are discussed.

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