Brad Mossbarger, Ph.D.

Brad Mossbarger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry


Personal Statement  My primary interest throughout my career has been applying psychological practice to older adults, or geropsychology. At the VA, I work with other clinicians to address mental health needs of ‘seasoned citizens,’ from memory problems to pain management and end-of-life care. Prior to coming to Indianapolis, my background included providing services to residents of long-term care facilities, staff positions at a couple of private practice groups, and full-time university faculty work.
Education  Undergraduate: The Ohio State University

Graduate School: Ohio University

Internship: Veterans Administration Medical Center, Bay Pines, FL.
Current Academic Interests  Clinical: Psychologist on the Older Adult Mental Health Clinic at the Roudebush VAMC.

Research: Applications of control theory to challenges faced in later life; memory/cognitive testing practices.
Recent Publications  Mossbarger, B. (2009). The “Fit” Model of Personal Control and Well-Being in Younger and Older Adults. Journal of Adult Development, 16, 25-30.

Mossbarger, B. (2008). Is “Internet addiction” addressed in the classroom? A survey of psychology textbooks. Computers and Human Behavior, 24, 468-474.

Mossbarger, B. (2005). Objective control and well-being in assisted living settings. Clinical Gerontologist, 28, 49 – 60.
Brad Mossbarger, Ph.D.

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