Margie Payne, RN, MSN, CNS

Margie R. Payne, RN MSN CNS
Chief Exectuive Officer Midtown Mental Health
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry


Personal Statement  Working with patients struggling with serious mental illness led me to my focus of finding ways of prevention, early intervention and developing best practices and treatment. My clinical teaching research and administration has included all age groups at Midtown Community Mental Health Center. I believe every patient should be treated individually and participate fully in family school work and social life as desired. I continue to support all aspects of research from organizational perspectives to enhancing clinical knowledge and treatment.
Education  Undergraduate: Marian College

Graduate School: Indiana University School of Nursing
Current Academic Interests  Teaching: Involved in teaching leadership nursing students and informal teaching to residents medical students on Administrative Organizational and policy issues.

Clinical: Nurse Specialist with active prescriptive authority treating adults with chronic Mental Illness.

Research: Support all aspects of research at Midtown and currently CO PI on projects with school of nursing and school of Spea and Center for Health policy.
Margie Payne, RN, MSN, CNS

Midtown Mental Health Center
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