Naomi Swiezy, Ph.D.

Naomi B. Swiezy, Ph.D.
Alan H. Cohen Family Scholar of Psychiatry
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry
Clinical Director, Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center
Program Director, HANDS in Autism Program


Personal Statement  With the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), parents and service providers must work collectively for effective care delivery. As such, in addition to individual work with families, I have been devoted to the evolution of the HANDS in Autism training model that aims to: 1) facilitate local capacity in service delivery; 2) bridge multiple environments (i.e., educational, medical, home, community); and 3) mentor various personnel in data-driven strategies to support individuals with ASD and related disorders in achieving their full potential.
Education  Undergraduate: Washington University

Graduate School: Louisiana State University

Kennedy Krieger Institute
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Board Certifications/Certifications:
Health Services Provider in Psychology
Current Academic Interests  Teaching: Intensive and hands-on coaching and training of staff and professionals working in educational and other environments with individuals across the autism spectrum and related disorders

Clinical: Applied Behavior Analysis, caregiver training, and the behavioral assessment and treatment of autism spectrum and related disorders.

Research: Efficacy of the HANDS in Autism model of hands on coaching and training of staff and professionals, evaluation of assessment instruments developed to assess knowledge, application and implementation in the area of autism spectrum and related disorders.
Recent Publications  Scahill, L., Aman, M.G., McDougle, C.J., Arnold, L.E., McCracken, J.T., Handen, B., Johnson, C., Dziura, J., Butter, E., Sukhodolsky, D., Swiezy, N., Mulick, J., Stigler, K., Bearss, K., Ritz, L., Wagner, A., & Vitiello, B. (2008). Trial design challenges when combining medication and parent training in children with pervasive developmental disorders, Journal of Autism and Developmental

Swiezy, N.B., Stuart, M., Korzekwa, P., & Pozdol, S. (2008). Assessment of independent living/adaptive skills. In J.L. Matson (Ed.), Clinical Assessment and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders, 193-219. Amsterdam, Elsevier.

Swiezy, N. B., Stuart, M., & Korzekwa, P. (2008). Bridging for success: Training and collaboration across medical, educational and community systems. In D. J. Posey and C. J. McDougle (Eds.), Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America: Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders, 17, 907-922.
Naomi Swiezy, Ph.D.

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