Sarah Landsberger, Ph.D.

Sarah A. Landsberger, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry


Personal Statement  My clinical, teaching and research focus is the assessment and treatment of Deaf people with serious mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and/or behavioral, social, or emotional issues. I am influenced by the work of Neil Glickman and others in the Deafness mental health field and strive to provide psychological assessments and therapies that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for Deaf people. I also enjoy mentoring graduate and postdoctoral level students in clinical psychology and contributing to their development as future psychologists.
Education  Undergraduate: Indiana University

Graduate School: Illinois Institute of Technology

Internship: Indiana University School of Medicine

Fellowship: Larue Carter Memorial Hospital

Board Certifications/Certifications:
Health Service Provider in Psychology
Current Academic Interests  Teaching: Involved in teaching first year medical students in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine I course, clinical psychology interns, and clinical psychology post-doctoral students.

Clinical: Clinical Psychologist on a multidisciplinary treatment team at Larue Carter Memorial Hospital for a 27-bed general psychiatry unit for Deaf and hearing inpatients. My work at Larue Carter includes: psychological assessment, individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy for Deaf and hearing inpatients with serious mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities. I also supervise clinical psychology interns on their adult rotations at Larue Carter and co-supervise post-doctoral clinical psychology students.

Research: Primary research focus is assessment and treatment of Deaf inpatients with serious mental illness and/or behavioral, interpersonal and impulse control issues.
Recent Publications  Weiler, C., Landsberger, S.A., & Diaz, D. R. (in press). Differential diagnosis of psychosis in a deaf inpatient with language dysfluency: challenges and issues. Clinical Schizophrenia and Related Psychoses.

Landsberger, S. A. & Diaz, D. R. (2011). Identifying and Assessing Psychosis in Deaf Psychiatric Patients. Current Psychiatry Reports, 13(3):198-202.

Diaz, D. R., & Landsberger, S. A. (2010). Exploring the use of seclusion and restraint with deaf psychiatric patients: Comparisons with hearing patients. Psychiatric Quarterly, 81:303-309.

Sarah Landsberger, Ph.D.

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