Zachary W. Adams, Ph.D., HSPP

Biographical Statement

I am an Assistant Professor and licensed health service provider in psychology in the IU Department of Psychiatry. My clinical and research interests center on improving care and promoting healthy outcomes for young people with co-occurring mental health and substance use problems, with a particular emphasis on youth and families impacted by trauma and adversity. Additionally, I am strongly committed to teaching students, interns, residents, fellows and involving trainees in all aspects of our team’s work.


Undergraduate: DePauw University, Psychology & Biology

Graduate School: University of Kentucky, Clinical Psychology

Internship: Charleston Consortium Internship Program

Postdoctoral Fellowship:  NIMH T32 fellowship in traumatic stress, Medical University of South Carolina


Health Service Provider in Psychology, IN


Much of my research falls into two broad categories. The first set of projects focus on refining our understanding of how co-occurring mental health problems develop in childhood and adolescence, particularly among youth exposed to violence, disasters, and other traumatic and adverse events.  We accomplish this through a variety of methods ranging from laboratory-based studies investigating neurocognitive and psychosocial mechanisms associated with mental health and substance use problems to large-scale epidemiological surveys characterizing the how common certain experiences are and what factors are associated with them.  The second set of projects involves developing and testing new intervention models (such as therapies that target multiple problems in an integrative fashion) and technology-based tools (mobile applications, web-based platforms) to make mental health treatments more efficient, accessible, and effective for youth and families.  These projects have been funded through several internal and external sources, including grants awarded to my collaborators and me by NIDA, NIMH, SAMHSA, and NHLBI.


Evidence-based psychotherapy for child and adolescent mental health problems; Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT); adolescent substance use treatment; integrated treatments for co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders


I am excited to be involved in opportunities for clinical and research training with students, interns, residents, fellows, and clinicians.  I serve as Director of Training for the Riley Dual Diagnosis Program, which provides treatment for adolescents struggling with co-occurring psychiatric disorders and substance use problems.

Selected recent publications

List of Published Work:


Adams, Z. W., McCauley, J. L., Back, S. E., Flanagan, J. C., Hanson, R. F., Killeen, T. K., & Danielson, C. K. (in press). Clinician perspectives on treating adolescents with comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder, substance use, and other problems.  Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse.


Danielson, C. K., Cohen, J., Adams, Z. W., Youngstrom, E. A., Soltis, K., Amstadter, A. B., & Ruggiero, K. J. (in press). Clinical decision making following natural disasters: efficient identification of posttraumatic stress disorder risk in adolescents. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.


Adams, Z. W., Moreland, A., Cohen, J. R., Lee, R. C., Hanson, R. F., Danielson, C. K., Self-Brown, S., & Briggs, E. C. (2016). Polyvictimization: Latent profiles and mental health outcomes in a clinical sample of adolescents. Psychology of Violence, 6(1), 145-155. NIHMSID: 714336; PMCID: PMC4779364.

Adams, Z. W., Danielson, C. K., Sumner, J. A., McCauley, J. L., & Cohen, J., & Ruggiero, K. J. (2015).  Comorbidity of PTSD, major depression, and substance use disorder among adolescent victims of the Spring 2011 tornadoes in Alabama and Joplin, Missouri. Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes, 78(2), 170-175. doi: 10.1080/00332747.2015.1051448 PMCID: PMC41333357.

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Ruggiero, K. J., Price, M., Adams, Z. W., Stauffacher, K., McCauley, J., Danielson, C. K., Knapp, R., Hanson, R. F., Davidson, T. M., Amstadter, A. B., Carpenter, M., Saunders, B. E., Kilpatrick, D. G., & Resnick, H. S. (2015). Web intervention for adolescents affected by disaster: A population-based randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 54(9), 709-717. PMCID: MPC4548271.


Adams, Z. W., Sumner, J. A., Danielson, C. K., McCauley, J. L., Resnick, H. S., Gros, K., Paul, L. A., Welsh, K. E., & Ruggierio, K. J. (2014). Prevalence and predictors of PTSD and depression among adolescent victims of the spring 2011 tornado outbreak. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, 55(9), 1047-1055. PMCID: PMC4133357.

Zachary W. Adams, Ph.D., HSPP

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