ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorders

The ADHD/Disruptive Behaviors Disorders Clinic has participated extensively in research focused on the development of new treatments and the expansion of knowledge about current treatments for ADHD.  The Clinic has a significant history of collaboration with pharmaceutical companies in exploring treatments through both sponsored clinical trials and investigator-initiated research.  Areas of pharmacological research have focused on the treatment of ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults, as well as the treatment of adolescents with both ADHD and problems with aggressive behavior.  Clinic studies have also sought to improve the diagnosis and measurement of ADHD and aggressive behavior.

Clinic researchers have collaborated with the IUSM Department of Radiology to examine the effect of violent media exposure on the brain functioning of adolescents with and without a history of aggressive behavior.  The partnership has completed its third major research protocol, which involved an investigation of the relationship between violent video game exposure and brain functioning.  In addition to relevance for parents and children, this area of research has significant social and scientific implications.

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Faculty members involved in this research include:

David W. Dunn M.D.
William G. Kronenberger Ph.D.

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