Alzheimer's Disease, Dimentia, and Cognitive Disorders

Investigators in the Department of Psychiatry are conducting a number of federally-funded clinical and preclinical research programs in the area of Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disorders.  Many of the projects are multidisciplinary and involve collaboration with other departments and universities on a national and international level. 

Examination of Risk Factors for Conversion to Dementia and Cognitive Training to Prevent Cognitive Losses in Older Adults

Researchers are conducting exciting studies which examine factors that many contribute to the development of cognitive impairment as well as test techniques that may help prevent losses in cognitive functioning in healthy older adults. 

"CIND: A longitudinal study of the factors that contribute to outcome in mild cognitive impairment in a primary care cohort."

"ACTIVE Phase II:  IU Field Site: A randomized controlled trial of the long-term effectiveness of cognitive training in preventing losses in daily functioning in healthy older adults".

Faculty currenting involved in this research:
Fred Unverzagt, Ph.D.

Molecular Neurobiololgy and Molecular Neurogenetics

Ongoing basic research in gene expression, neurodegeneration and neuroprotection, and on drug development for Alzheimer's Disease including structure and function of regulatory region of the gene encoding BACE, the regulation of APP gene promoter by cytokines and growth factors, amyloid-modifying property of cholinesterase inhibitors, and structure and function of regulatory region of the gene encoding ApoE.

Faculty currently involved in this research:
Debomoy Lahiri, Ph.D.

Multidisciplinary projects with key contribution from Psychiatry faculty as Co-Investigators

Clinical, biological, and neuropathological characterization of sporadic and inherited forms of Alzheimer's disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and non-Alzheimer's disease dementias within the National Institute on Aging-funded Alzheimer Disease Center,

A community-based study to determine the effect of different life-long levels of selenium on cognitive aging in rural, elderly Chinese; "Selenium Levels and Cognitive Decline in Rural Elderly Chinese".

A longitudinal observational study to characterize the quality of life and cognition in breast cancer survivors; "Quality of Life in Younger Breast Cancer Survivors".

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