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The Psychotic Disorders Program at Indiana University focuses on education, research, and treatment that will lead to improvement in the lives of individuals affected by psychotic disorders. IUPDP has two clinics: the IU Psychotic Disorders Program and the Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC).


Prodromal schizophrenia research is now an international movement, but any discussion of this field must acknowledge the seminal contributions of our Australian colleagues, Patrick McGorry and Allison Yung. McGorry and Yung catalyzed this field in the mid-1990s by proposing the first objective criteria that described the at-risk mental state in prospective terms. Since then, McGorry and Yung have pioneered a variety of assessment, treatment, and service delivery mechanisms for persons in the earliest stages of psychotic illness.

Their work has excited tremendous interest world-wide. What started as a single research program in Australia has become an international movement, with at least 35 prodromal research centers distributed across five continents. 

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New Group Therapy Sessions Available!

Our very own, Dr. Alan Breier is featured in the article "Lazarus Drugs" in The Scientist. Dr. Breier discusses Beta, one of our ongoing clinical research trials and the effectiveness of the compound LY500307 as treatment for schizophrenia.

""The program is "based on partnership and shared expertise,” said Breier. “It’s really a way that groups can work together and advance the development of new treatments.”"

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We are looking for passionate & dedicated individuals for our Life-Health Sciences Internships! Interested in learning more about metacognitive therapy or the effectiveness of rTMS in early psychosis and schizophrenia? 

Apply Today for a chance to expand your knowledge and experience and most imporantly work under our excellent Dr. Jen Vohs and Dr. Mike Francis!

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The Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis is expanding its clinical program to focus on team-based care for the latest and greatest treatment and prevention for early psychosis!

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An excellent NPR podcast featuring Schizophrenia!

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IUPDP as seen on TV!

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Free and anonymous Mental Health screening through IUPUI Counseling and Psychological Services!

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