Meet our Team!

Alan Breier, MD
Professor of Psychiatry
Chief, IU Psychotic Disorders Program
Principal Investigator
(317) 941-4287


Dr. Alan Breier is a a senior Professor of Psychiatry, the Vice-Chair for Clinical Research, Cheif, IU Psychotic Disorders Program, and the Director of the Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC). Dr. Breier is involved in teaching medical students along with psychiatry residents and fellows at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital and PARC where he also supervises patient's clinical care. Additionaly, Dr. Breier conducts reasearch directed at testing innovative therapeutics for schizophrenia and elucidating the underlying disease process of psychotic disorders by implementing genetic analyses and brain imaging

Alex Radnovich, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Principal Investigator
(317) 941-4287

Dr. Radnovich is the attending Psychiatrist for Units 3E & 2A at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital, focusing on the evaluation and treatment of patients with chronic severe mental illness. He is interested in the psychopharmacology of schizophrenia, particularly in glutamatergic pathology and pharmacotherapy in schizophrenia. Dr. Radnovich is involved in teaching psychiatry residents, medical students, and undergraduate students interested in the medical field. 

Mike Francis, MD
Research Medical Director 
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Principal Investigator
(317) 880-8494

Dr. Mike Francis enjoys working with patients and families in a clinical setting and studying the pathophysiology leading to the various symptom domains that occur in psychotic illnesses. He currently serves individuals with chronic mental illness as an attending physician at PARC and at Midtown Community Mental Health James Wright Center. He enjoys teaching residents in the clinics and as part of their didactic curriculum. His research focuses on cognitive impairments in psychosis and the use of neuroimaging in that pursuit. 

Aoverley_new.jpeg Ashley Overley, MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
(317) 880-8494

Dr. Ashley Overley enjoys working with patients and families as well as teaching medical students and residents. She is excited to have the opportunity to combine clinical practice, research, and education into her experience at PARC. She is interested in promoting effective service delivery models and psychosocial treatments for serious mental illness along with pharmacologic treatments. Dr. Overley has an interest in using implementation science as a tool to help bridge the gap between the scientific evidence base and actual medical practice.


Jenifer L. Vohs, PhD, HSPP
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology
(317) 941-4331

Dr. Jenifer L. Vohs, Ph.D.  is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at IU School of Medicine. She serves as the clinical psychologist for a general adult psychiatric unit at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital, providing assessment and intervention services for patients with chronic, severe mental illness. Dr. Vohs is also active in a number of ongoing research projects with the IU Psychotic Disorders Program. Her research publications reflect the breadth of her training, ranging from topics such as metacognition and negative symptoms in patients with schizophrenia to electrophysiological abnormalities in both humans and rodent models of psychopathology. In addition to clinical care and research, Dr. Vohs also provides mentorship for psychology graduate students, and teaches didactics for predoctoral psychology interns and medical students. 


Emily Liffick, M.D. 
Adjunct Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
(317) 880-8494

Dr. Liffick graduated from IU School of Medicine, where she also completed her Psychiatric Residency.  She has spent the last nine years on faculty with IU working with patients and families to improve the treatment and long term outcomes of schizophrenia.  Her current clinical work is primarily with individuals in their first episode of psychosis at the Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC), but she has previously also served as the Medical Director of the Research Unit at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital and also works in the Eskenazi Health Midtown Triage emergency psychiatric service. She particularly enjoys the opportunity to be able to teach students and psychiatric residents, about both the immense challenges many of our patients face, but also about the potential for great improvements in our patients' quality of life which can come with compassionate care, evidence-based treatment strategies, clinical curiosity and critical thinking. 

Kyle S. Minor, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Principal Investigator
(317) 941-4287

Dr. Kyle S. Minor is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at IUPUI. Dr. Minor is involved in several ongoing research projects in the IU Psychotic Disorders Program. Dr. Minor’s research interests focus on how cognition, language, and affect are linked with symptoms and functioning in populations at different points on the psychosis-spectrum (i.e., Psychometric High Risk, Clinical High Risk, Early Psychosis, Chronic Schizophrenia).

Tom Hummer, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
(317) 941-4287

Dr. Tom Hummer is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Psychiatry within the IU School of Medicine. His research employs neuroimaging approaches to improve our understanding of psychotic disorders. He utilizes a variety of neuroimaging methods to investigate how abnormal brain structure and function lead to symptoms in psychotic disorders, how the brain changes as these disorders progress, and the effect of treatments to improve neurobiological outcomes.

Miji Um
MRI Image Analyst
(317) 941-4287

Miji is a doctoral student in clinical psychology program at IUPUI. She is involved in data analysis of imaging data (e.g., resting-state fMRI, diffusion tensor imaging) from early psychosis pharmacological intervention trials from PARC. 

Nikki Mehdiyoun, MA, CCRP                                   
Clinical Research Manager
Site Supervisor
(317) 941-4287


Nikki enjoys studying ways to reduce symptom exacerbations and improve cognition in  psychotic disorders. She is currently the Clinical Research Coordinator and Site Supervisor for both PARC and the Psychotic Disorders Clinic (PDC). She received her Masters of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) in May 2008 and her Bachelors of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with a concentration in Clinical Rehabilitation and the Psychology of Addictions.

Bethany L. Leonhardt, PsyD, HSPP
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology
(317) 880-8494
Dr. Bethany Leonhardt is a Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology with IUSM. Her clinical and research interests include providing integrative, insight-oriented psychotherapy with individuals with severe mental illness, metacognition, and the stigma associated with schizophrenia.

Carol Ott, Pharm D, BCPP
Clinical Pharmacist
(317) 880-8494

Dr. Carol Ott provides clinical pharmacy services to the inpatient psychiatry service, and psychiatric emergency department at Eskenazi Health. She also provides case consultation to the Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC).

Megan Gaunnac, MBA
Operations Specialist
(317) 941-4287









Megan received her MBA from Ball State University and her BS in Psychology from IUPUI. She currently works with the IU Psychotic Disorders Program as a Operations Specialist at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital and PARC.

David Spradley, RN, BSN
Research Nurse
Recruitment Specialist
(317) 880-8494


David Spradley graduated in Nursing from Marian College in Indianapolis. He previously worked in partial hospitalization programs treating people with serious and persistent mental illnesses. His interests include helping to prevent the problems that are known to be associated with chronic mental illness and in promoting research.

Andrew Visco, BS
Clinical Research Specialist 
(317) 941-4287

Andrew graduated from the Psychology program at The College at Brockport, State University of New York. He currently works with the IU Psychotic Disorders Program coordinating research at the Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis. 

Amy Librant, BS
Clinical Research Specialist
(317) 941-4218

Amy received a BS in biology from Ball State University and a BS in psychology from the University of Iowa. She currently works with the IU Psychotic Disorders Program coordinating research at the Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis.  

Emmalee Metzler, BA
Clinical Research Specialist
(317) 880-8494










Emmalee graduated from the Psychology program at Purdue University. She currently works with IU Psychotic Disorders Program to coordinate research at the Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis.

Frederick Malloy, MS
Certified Rater
Behavioral Clinician
(317) 941-4287


Fred Malloy is a certified rater for research studies conducted at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital and PARC. 

Kara Lauck, LCSW, LCAC
(317) 880-2895

Kara received his Master of Social Work degree from Indiana University in Indianapolis and is a licensed clinical social worker and addiction counselor.  Kara has worked at Midtown for 17 years in a variety of clinical roles and programs for youth and adults.  Kara has worked in collaboration with system partners in promoting wraparound services.  She has provided innovative approaches to decreasing the stigma of mental health treatment through her work with the Dawn Project, Youth to Adult Services, and most recently with Evolve.   Kara has a passion for clinical work with individuals with substance use needs.  Karahas provided leadership and direction for cross-team collaboration in her role with Crisis Respite Unit. Currently, Kara manages the Crisis Respite Unit, PARC, and Evolve teams at Midtown. 

John Lurkins, MSW, LCSW, MHA
Team Lead, PARC, CSC Network
(317) 880-8494


John received his MSW at the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale and Master of Health Administration at University of Texas at Arlington.  John has extensive experience in the mental health field, working in both inpatient and outpatient settings with an emphasis on working with individuals living with schizophrenia.  His clinical interests are in behavioral techniques to assist with cognitive impairments that are associated with schizophrenia. 

Kristen Ratliff, MS
Team Leader, PARC, CSC
(317) 880-8494

Kristen Ratliff is a doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Houston.  She has been promoted to Team Leader with the PARC CSC program.  Her clinical interests include providing comprehensive psychological assessment and psychotherapy to individuals with severe mental illness.  Her research interests include investigating the neural correlates of stress and addiction as well as understanding the neurological underpinnings of cognitive impairment and comorbid substance use associated with schizophrenia. 

Rebecca Juodvalkis, MSW, LSW
Clinician, PARC
(317) 880-8494

Rebecca received her MSW at the University of Illinois at Chicago and BS in Psychology at Loyola University Chicago. She is currently a Clinician with PARC working clinically with clients and their family members, including engagement in therapy, assessments, and providing support throughout the course of treatment. Her clinical background includes working with individuals with chronic and severe mental illness and also with clients dually diagnosed with mental illness and intellectual disabilities.

Christina Stuckey, MSW
Care Coordinator, PARC, CSC
(317) 880-8494

Christina graduated from Purdue University with a duel BA in Psychology and Law & Society. Then she graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Master's Degree in Social Work. Currently, Christina is a Care Coordinator for PARC with the grant funded CSC team and works to assist clients with case management.

Patti Wiesenauer, MS
Care Coordinator, PARC
(317) 880-8494

Patti graduated from Ball State University with a BS in Psychology.  She then graduated from Butler University with a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology. She previously worked for 17 years in Neuropsychology as a Psychometrist and Behavior Specialist specializing in stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. Currently, Patti is the Care Coordinator and works to assist clients with management of their mental health as part of the treatment team within the PARC Clinic.

O'Neal Shyne, BS
Clincal Data Coordinator, PARC, CSC
(317) 880-8494

O'Neal received his BS in Health Care Administration from IUPUI, and he is a clinical data coordinator at PARC. He tracks and manages the patient data from the CSC meetings that occur every week.

Linda Boxdorfer, RN
Staff Nurse, PARC, CSC
(317) 880-8494

Linda graduated from the University of Kentucky in May of 1989 with a BSN in Nursing.  Linda last worked at the James Wright Center with clients who have had a life time of mental illness and is looking forward to working with clients and their families experiencing their first episode at PARC. Linda loves the teaching aspect of nursing and looks forward to this opportunity.


Tyril_M..jpgTyril Miller
Medical Assistant





Tyril Miller graduate from Vincennes University with her certification in Medical Assistant. Tyril has been in the medical field for over five years. She really enjoys what she does. Getting vitals, venipuncture's , or just simply being a listening ear.

Jim Bush, MA, LCSW
Director of Clinical Decision Support and Business Development at Midtown CMHC

Jim received his Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in California. He was a child, adolescent and family therapist for 18 years, before going into full-time management. He has worked in outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, youth residential treatment and inpatient services. He developed the 40-hour Crisis Intervention Team (CIT-Youth) curriculum and trained school resource officers. Currently, he provides clinical trainings to staff, ongoing evaluation and assessment of evidence based practices, ensures compliance with all Joint Commission standards and all payer sources, provides guidance/consultation for the Operation Managers, runs reports system wide regarding financial data and services provided, provides trainings on trauma and resiliency for probation throughout the community, and writes grants. Jim is highly involved with onboarding staff for all of Midtown’s 36 programs across 80 sites and networks and markets Midtown's programs in the community.

Paulette Tanksley
Scheduling Coordinator, PARC
(317) 880-8494

Paulette has been working for Midtown Community Mental Health since 2001 and has developed her skills working primarily with clients that have Severe Mental Illness (SMI). She previously worked at the James Wright Center, Westside Clinic, Fountain Square, and has helped as float staff for the Crisis Intervention Center and Narcotics Treatment Program. She came to the PARC Center in May 2014 and enjoys the challenge of keeping the clinic schedules very active. She is very glad to help the families and the clients as they seek treatment, prevention, and care for early psychosis.

Kelsey Huling, BA
Clinical Research Technician
(317) 880-8494
Kelsey graduated with her BA in the Psychology program at Bowling Green State University. She works as a clinical research technician for IU Psychotic Disorders Program.

Jackson Richey, BA
Clinical Research Technician

Jackson graduated with his BA in Psychology at Butler University. He works as a clinical research technician for IU Psychotic Disorders Program.

Alex Crump, BS
Clinical Research Technician
(317) 941-4115

Alex received his BS in Health Sciences from Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI). He was previously an intern through the Neuroscience Summer Research Program and currently works as a clinical research technician for the IU Psychotic Disorders Program. 


Betsy Evans
Clinical Research Technician, PARC


Betsy is a senior at IUPUI majoring in Psychology. She was previously an intern through the Life and Health Sciences Internship Program and currently works as a clinical research technician for the IU Psychotic Disorders Program at the Prevention and Recovery Center (PARC) for Early Psychosis. 

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