Residents at IUPDP

dpatterson.jpg   Danielle Patterson

    Summer Resident

 "The time I spent working at PARC was unmeasurable.  As a student interested in psychiatry it was a wonderful educational experience to see the breadth of psychosis.  Schizophrenia has such a negative connotation in popular culture but the patients at PARC challenge this stereotype.  The staff create a very welcoming environment for the patients, residents and students that come to work here.  Anyone interested in psychosis, psychiatry, or people in general should visit PARC!"


Ashley Overley, MD


 Spanish, global health, underserved medicine, medical education, and playing viola.

"My experience at PARC was a highly formative part of my training experience. At PARC I felt like I was able to deliver high quality patient care,  staffing was educational and dedicated to evidence-based practice, and I also had an opportunity to learn more about how clinical research is conducted participate in research myself. Journal clubs at PARC are one of the most in-depth forums that I had as a resident to discuss research literature relevant to my clinical practice. PARC is dedicated to raising the standard of care through innovative and evidence-based practices with staff that are highly motivated and dedicated to their work. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work at PARC and am very appreciative of their investment in both resident education and patient care."

Current Residents

sbrewer.jpg  Stanley Brewer, DO


His interest in medicine blossomed and he decided to combine his passion for psychiatry, medicine and working with kids with a Triple Board residency.  He is also interested in the intersection of psychiatry and medicine, the mind-body connection, and the psychological aspects of trauma and abuse. Outside of residency he enjoys spending time with his wife, three children, and new dog exploring Indianapolis and the Midwest. He has also dabbled in vehicle restoration, and is an avid reader when he gets a chance.

bclark.jpg  Bridget Clark, DO


Residency training in both pediatrics and psychiatry aligns with
her ideology of medicine by focusing on treating the whole child, mind and body. She believes that assisting individuals to understand the biological and psychosocial dynamics of health, while providing treatment, leads to greater positive life outcomes for patients as well as their families. Bridget and her partner welcomed their first child at the end of 2012. Aside from making that sweet baby laugh, Bridget enjoys attending the theater, cooking, hiking, biking, and watching reruns of Emergency on Netflix.

cadams.jpg  Caitlin Adams, MD


Neuropsychiatry, CL Psychiatry, tennis, travel, photography, cooking, early bird dinner specials, and the Cincinnati Reds

asirois.jpg  Aimee Sirois, MD


Travel, Lucky Charms cereal, Notre Dame football, karaoke (preferably to 90's music), reading, running, all things in Spanish, emergency psychiatry and healthcare for indigent populations

ctrobaugh.jpg   Corey Trobaugh, DO


 In the world of Psych: Mood disorders, Child & Adolescent Psych, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy; Outside of Psych: Watching/playing sports, sports cars, clothes, music, high fives, drinking too much coffee, taking walks with my wife and our dogs, and visiting family.

Niclaire Neely, MD


Outside of work: Sailing, Running, Music, and Travel. Work related: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Developmental disabilities across the lifespan of Medicine.

  gdimitrievski.jpg Gabriela Dimitrievski, PharmD

     Psyciatric Pharmacy Resident

Gabriela is a PGY-2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Resident with Eskenazi Health and Purdue University.  She graduated with her PharmD from Purdue University in May of 2013, and went on to pursue her PGY-1 clinical training at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. Gabriela will be providing clinical pharmacy services throughout a number of Eskenazi and Midtown care sites throughout her residency year.

Past Residents

Venkat Polavarapu, MD


Addiction and Emergency Psychiatry, Football, Basketball, Movies, and University of Michigan Football.

Matthew Pitcher, DO


Child Psychiatry, Underserved medicine, Watching and playing sports, Cooking, and Spending time with my family.

Jyoti Shah, DO


 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, ADHD, Cooking, dancing, and music.


Stephanie Price, DO


Child/Adolescent and Forensic Psychiatry, Women's mental health, Tennis, Working-out, and Learning Spanish.

Matthew Runyan, MD


Addictions, Exercise, Weightlifting, Movies, Books, University of Michigan football, and FOOD.

"I am very pleased to be working at PARC, and particularly enjoy this patient population.  My interests are primarily inpatient settings with high acuity which has strong carryover to this clinic.  I am participating in multiple research projects in the clinic as well, and currently have an active interest in studying the association between violence and psychosis.  I enjoy working with the staff and physicians at PARC, and am getting significant exposure to different research and educational styles. However, the single greatest reason that I appreciate PARC is the patients, as they have so much to teach me about their disease, daily lives, and my interactions with them."

Jess Levy, MD


College Mental Health, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, ADHD, Traveling, and Scrabble.

Kristen Dauss, MD


Arts & crafts, Traveling, Exercising, Relaxing with friends and Pampering myself.

Joshua Goergen, MD


 Addictions, Community Mental Health, IU Basketball, and music of all varieties.


Meghana Bhat, MD


Adult psychiatry


Kimberly Lo, MD



David Orme, MD



Kalyan Rao, MD


Psychotic disorders, psychopharmacology, neurobiology of mental illness, and winning the residency Jeopardy match against the faculty!

Rebecca Smith, MD


Student mental health as well as child and adolescent psychology.


Amy Ricke, MD


Women's psychiatry, student mental health, and psychotherapy.


To learn more about the residency programs at Indiana University, please visit the IU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry website.

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